Friday, December 22, 2006

Synopsis of my screenplay - THE AWOPAHO

Former anthropologist, Nancy Hawkes lands in Las Vegas to tout her new book, "TRUE SUPERSTITIONS." During the flight, she suffered through a recurring nightmare. This nightmare stems from her near death experience, five years earlier in the Brazilian jungle, at the hands of a demonic spirit that the Nativos call Dacuru.

On the ground she doesn't feel safe and within hours, a rash of vicious attacks occur that both directly and indirectly point at her. Could Dacuru have stalked her and after all that time caught up with her in Las Vegas? Nancy is certain that it can. But the authorities think she is the root of the problem.

The investigating detectives become split between the ethereal and a more earthly explanation. But as they proceed, more bodies pile up around Nancy. She must race to prove her innocence because she is convinced that she is the creature's ultimate prey and that her fate will be far more gruesome than any of the torturous deaths before it.

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Andrew said...

That really sounds great. Can you e-mail me a copy of it so I can read it?