Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I am overjoyed to announce that two hours ago, (January 31, 2007 at 11:AM) great friends of MORE GLIB ThAN PROFOUND added the first "future reader" to my web-page. Congratulations to the proud parents as well as their family and friends in welcoming
Lil' Jerry Joseph (6 lbs 7 oz) into the world.

Those of us who are "lifers" in casinos come to accept the ups and the weightier downs as part of the job. However, the great and constant positive is our coworkers. So in a somewhat more somber note, I bittersweetly report that twelve of my supervisors accepted a "buy-out" package and resigned.

In doing a job as difficult as ours, some simple respect goes a long way. Therefore, in regard to these people, my appreciation cup runneth over. It seems to me that the group that left,...probably without exception, displayed a high-level of humanity, energy, depth of character, friendliness and humor that has gotten me through the tough times and the ennui.

So although I'm sorry to lose them, I congratulate them and wish them well in their future endeavors. Those five of you that are readers of my blog, I hope I can count on your continuing support and I look forward to hearing about your personal triumphs.

Additionally, one of our readers, PCSchmee takes pride in announcing the arrival of Peetey's half sister, Kaytee. She's a Jack Russell terrier puppy with great aim...she hasn't missed the carpet yet! So when you visit Casa Schmee, don't go barefoot.

Just for you Meesta Schmee-ster, I'm penciling-in Kaytee as, the first future reader of my the canine division.


Jo Anne said...

Steve, thank you for the lovely farewell letter, I'll miss you too, and it was a pleasure working with you, I'll stay in touch, sincerely, JoAnne

Shmee said...

Ya know,
I really gotta get to this blog site more often. Steve, your loquatious elegance in prognostication stymies even the most pungent of pundants. Peety gives the site a most positive, "2-LEGS UP!

Keep on bloggin'!


P.S. Notice the lack of 'C' in 'Shmee'?