Monday, June 11, 2007

The worst movie in a long time: "KNOCKED-UP."

"It may be the funniest movie of the summer. "

Advertising catchphrases that include the word "may" should send up a red flag to everyone. I might be hyper-sensitive but when investigating baldness remedies, I didn't want to read; Your results "MAY" vary.

But in Hollywood, the use of the word "may," may be a practical marketing device. To illustrate my point, they used it to talk-up the newly released movie, "KNOCKED-UP." I should have hoisted the red flag because of the word may, but instead, I allowed myself to get sucked into the abysmal vortex of hype. Its too late for me, so don't let it happen to you. "Knocked-Up" MAY be the worst movie I've seen since "THE MASTER OF DISGUISE."

This self-proclaimed romantic comedy was written by a man and his sexual fantasises are evident. The formula that makes this genre popular is; putting unsuited people together in a funny and/or cute way. Even if a movie like this was to push the envelope a bit, their ultimate success at the box office hinges on its widespread acceptance by parents. Only then would the true target audience, teens and adolescents, get the green light to see it.

For some odd reason the producers of this tripe decided to go beyond sexual innuendo resulting in an "R" rating. But instead of being an adult version of a romantic comedy, they left out two key ingredients; humor and romance.

Without going into great detail, in a drunken moment of carelessness, an articulate, beautiful and success on-camera TV personality gets knocked-up during a one-night-stand. The "knocker" is a lazy, unemployed, slob whose crass manners and his "more than" recreational drug use are unfunny and revolting.

To avoid any political entanglements, the word abortion is hinted at but is never used. Of course to pro-life advocates , the fact that the female lead (no one should want their name attached to this film) decides to keep the baby makes her a hero. But for the sake of the movie, she becomes far less sympathetic and even pathetic...not so much for her choice about the baby but the insistence that this schlub be a part of her long range plans.

About halfway through, we started looking at our watches and estimating how more more torture we could endure. We even considered sneaking into another theater. Unfortunately, we decided to see if there was a tremendous climax and well...there wasn't. However, along the way the story got stupider by suggesting that marriage alienates all spouses and that ultimately we (like the couple in this film), are all unsuited to one another one way or the other...yet we (like them) all muddle happily through life a way that MAY be funny .

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