Monday, July 2, 2007

Kind Words for: JACK-ASS, THE MOVIE

About a year ago, one of Andrew's friends was at our house. We were all watching a show on the SPIKE network called "Most Extreme Challenge" or simply "MXC."
MXC was an ingenious show that took the video from a wild 1980's Japanese game show. The soundtrack was removed and they added their own audio. The show worked on two levels; the actually physical stunts performed by the contestants were not only difficult but dangerous, (the cost of liability insurance had to have been astronomical because despite helmets and thin padding, broken bones seemed inevitable). This aspect of the show appealed to Andrew.

On the other hand, what appealed to a more adult audience was that they dubbed the show into a sporting event format. But where they were really clever was, they also wove a tapestry of toilet humor and sexually innuendo that went over the kiddies head.

When Andrew's friend was picked up by his mother and four year old brother, the show was still on. When the little brother heard us roaring, he came in and watched with us. The stunt they were attempting involved wearing a Velcro suit and jumping off a high platform clinging to a rope. On the other side was a Velcro target. The idea was to swing across a slimy moat, let go of the rope and slam face first into the wall. If you stuck, you won...few people did.

Our laughing died-out as a commercial came on...except for the little brother. He kept laughing, stood up and ran, full-speed into our wall.

The moral of the story is...children are influenced by what they see on TV. As obvious as that might seem, a lot of people refuse to believe it.

With that in mind, a few years ago an "asinine" movie came out called, "JACK-ASS, the movie." In a series of mind melting idiocy, a group of film-making friends set-up weird and dangerous pranks to perform themselves...or on each other. Their antics were designed to shock and nauseate passers-by as well as the movie-goers...and they succeeded

When I was told of this, I made a mental point never to let Andrew see it. Well, I was channel surfing the other day and came across it, without realizing what it was. Soon, I was laughing and called Andrew to join me. While watching, I checked the listing and it was indeed, Jack-Ass but I must concede that it funny. Albeit the kind of funny that is gross, dangerous and stupid but its entertaining enough that you can't take your eyes off it.

If you have a kid who is sharp enough to separate over-the-top stupidity that OTHER people do from the things he can do...or you are willing to sit with them and add your own propaganda...reminding your kid that these are "professionals," then this is a worthwhile piece of mindless tripe.

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