Monday, August 11, 2008


"THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING, THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING," was a silly, satirical, romantic comedy with "Cold War" ramification from 1966. The action is set on a barrier island off the coast of Massachusetts that had been "attacked" by Russian's from an aground submarine. The comic relief is provided by villagers; Carl Reiner, Jonathan Winters, Imogene Coca and Paul Ford, as they defend the U. S. of A's homeland (and their women) from the "Red Menace."

Unfortunately, this week's Russian attack of Georgia is real. No the commies aren't pouring over Kennesaw Mountain intent to burn Atlanta...yet in a strange way I wish they would be a great remake of the RUSSIANS ARE COMING. In that version, Ted Turner's Braves could defend the "Big Chicken" on Roswell Road with baseball bats or have Micheal Vick ordering his maniacal killer attack dogs to sic the pinkos before they access the secret, classic Coca-Cola recipe, (personally, they can have the "New Coke" recipe).

The real problem is, the Russians have really attacked Soviet Georgia. That Georgia, is located below Russia and above Turkey. Like; Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Estonia, Armenia, Uzbekistan and several other break-away nations, Georgia was hostilely taken-over and absorbed by Russia after WWII.

Is this the awakening of the sleeping red bear? Is Russia planning on taking all those little nations back. If so, will they stop there or will they also try to re-seize their former satellite countries like: Poland, Hungary, Yugoslavia and Bulgaria? Can world dominance and the re-birth of the communist manifesto be far behind?

What we need is someone like Leo "The Lip" Durocher to be our president, NOW !

LEO DUROCHER (1905-1991)

Durocher, a Hall-of -Fame baseball manager (thus proving his leadership qualities) is most-known for the quote: Nice guys finish last." That statement translates to; winning at all cost. As his Leo "The Lip" nickname suggests, he was famous for his big mouth. His run-ins, in the name of winning, with the authorities, umpires and the press were legendary. Durocher was such a hard case that he also said, "If I was going to be the winning run and my mother was blocking home plate, I'd run her down."

I say Leo Durocher was wasting his time in baseball...he should have been a politician. At the end of WWII Russian head-of-state Jozef Stalin made it clear that he had a different vision on how the face of Europe should look, Durocher would have attacked. He would have crushed them because, our war machine was already in Europe and our factories were more efficient than ever in support of our troops. On the other hand, Russia barely fought off the Germans and would have failed, if not for the allied aid it received. So, Durocher could have single-handedly side-stepped the fear of communism, the Joseph McCarthy-Era, the Korean War and the Bay of Pigs incident.

More recently, Durocher would have wiped-out Sadam Hussein after "Operation Desert Storm." He, unlike President George Bush Sr. would not have succumbed to the fear of world opinion. Therefore, the dying embers of the festering Iraqi brood would not have been allowed to stay lit. Leo "The Lip" Durocher wouldn't have given a rat's ass about world opinion and wouldn't have left his underlings (successors) , like George W. with egg on his face and the blood of thousands of U. S. troops on his hands.

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