Monday, October 20, 2008


Yes, its another installment of "EDELBLUM vs MACHINES."

In case you don't know, I'm a real weenie when it comes to machinery. The Xerox machine at the library has long been a challenge to me, I never programmed a VCR in my life and I have only recently mastered the high-beams in my 8+ year old mini-van. Of course every now and then I do succeed and this I'm happy to report, is one of those occasions.

First, we look back at the last seven months in which I lost 18 pounds...and kept it off. Somewhere after the summer I seemed to lose my momentum...and a few ounces crept back into my "glutes," belly etc. Powerless to combat this...I did my usual raising of the white flag or in this case, white napkin...tucked it under my chin and chowed down.

Unfortunately for me...nothing beats the smell of a 1/2 gallon of double-fudge-ripple chocolate ice cream at two in the morning. My diet was over and whatever self-control I had was gone... like the proverbial house-of-cards...the sugar rush engulfed me like a junk food tsunami.

Luckily before the under-tow of calories swept me away, the tide changed about three weeks ago. My son Andrew bought...with about $100.00 of his own money...the Wii Fit System. Being ignorant to it, I assumed it was, like other Wii products...a toy. Initially, I walked-in on Andrew "playing" with it and was convinced it was silliness but the next time I saw him, I saw what it was truly designed to do.

The Wii Fit System gets connected like other Wii games to your TV. But instead of a sports is a virtual personal work-out trainer. Whether you are a beginner (like me) or not, you can design an exercise regimen that suits your needs. Therefore, you can forget about buying several single-dimensional devices like a stationary bike which are not only cumbersome but soon fade into obscurity...and become a clothes hanger. And, unlike the expense and travel time of going to a gym, (not to mention the uneasiness of struggling in the beginning in front of strangers), all you have to do is turn on your TV.

The Wii Fit System provides you with a choice of virtual personal trainers, (I chose the dominatrix further encourage me to succeed while bolstering my self-esteem). Through your trainer, you set daily and weekly goals, have weigh-ins, balance tests and even a body composition age estimate.

Wii offers a wide-range of; strength training, aerobics, yoga and balance games. These activities are clearly if your technique or form needs adjusting, your trainer will recognize it and suggestion improvements. To help keep you motivated, your scores are ranked with others in your household (or visitors). Then, as you succeed more exercises are opened to you. At the same time, you are encouraged to increase your repetitions while being provided with health tips along the way.

The music is motivating and the animated graphics are cute. To represent you, you get to customize a caricature of yourself, (I'm the fat bald guy in the green shirt). Yet the cuteness shouldn't deter even the toughest guy from working with it. Also, the system was easy to set-up and an electronics GENIUS like me can actually turn it on and navigate to where I want to be. I was even able to trouble-shoot the one problem I encountered...figuring out how to shut it off.

Bottom line ! After 10+ uses, I still look forward to competing against myself and comparing how well I stack-up against Andrew (he's become a Wii work-out animal...I see how far he's progressed...the results on his already trim body are impressive). Me, I'm having fun, losing weight and toning my body like never before. I watch what I eat and most importantly, I'm conquering machines.

Wii Fit takes up almost no space to store and requires only a little room to use. Even though I'm not quite ready to rip phonebooks in half, I, like other MGTP readers, QUEENTHEE and SAND recommend it highly . LACC has already come by to check it out and is getting one. Anyone else who wants to see it in action are welcome to come by and give it a try.

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Sol said...

Steve, your blog kind of reminds me of the time I ran five miles with JJ, a former professional runner friend of mine. He ate like a pig and drank like a fish, but was well sculpted and 'thin as a rail'. Chilling out back at my place, he retrieved a six pack of Michelob from the fridge and guzzled at least three bottles down in a matter of minutes. 'Why',I asked in complete astonishment. 'Well', he answered back in a completely nonchalant manner and with a New England accent.'I need my carbs!' So, in retrospect, after the workout, don't forget to rehydrate your body with a six pack of your favorite beer. I can now hear that inner voice in your head saying,'I just needs my carbs!'